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The U.S. LHC Accelerator Research Program: A Proposal

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Elliott S. McCrory
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Elliott S. McCrory
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09 Nov 2005, 16:47
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09 Nov 2005, 16:47
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09 Nov 2005, 16:48
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The LHC will be the most important instrument for both world and U.S. high-energy physics in the second decade of this century and will provide unique opportunities for accelerator science research. Recognizing this, the United States government has made an investment of more than half a billion dollars in the collider and its detectors. Up to 50 percent of U.S. experimental high-energy physicists will be doing their research at the LHC when it is fully operational. In addition to the insights into fundamental particles and interactions at the highest energy that the LHC will enable, it will also be the most technically advanced collider in the world, and as such, will offer unique opportunities to study and advance accelerator science and technology.

We propose to fully exploit our national investment by taking advantage of the opportunities that the LHC offers in the field of accelerator science and technology, and by working with CERN to ensure the maximum performance of LHC in support of highenergy physics. The three U.S. DOE National Laboratories, that comprise the U.S. LHC Accelerator Project, Fermilab, Brookhaven National Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, working with the U.S. Department of Energy, and in close collaboration with our CERN colleagues, plan to form the U.S. LHC Accelerator Research Program (LARP). Through this program, U.S. accelerator specialists will continue to take an active and important role in the LHC accelerator program during its commissioning and operations, and to be a major collaborator in LHC performance upgrades. In particular, LARP will support U.S. institutions in LHC commissioning activities and accelerator science, accelerator instrumentation and diagnostics, and superconducting magnet R&D to help bring the LHC on and up to luminosity quickly, to help establish robust operation, and to improve and upgrade LHC performance. Furthermore, the work we do will be at the technological frontier and will thereby improve the capabilities of the U.S. accelerator community.

This proposal sets forth the guiding vision, the specific goals, the preliminary plan and scope of work, an estimate of the resources necessary to carry out the work within a reasonable schedule, and a management plan to guide the work, measure progress and make program adjustments. Following the plan put forth in this proposal, we will advance high-energy physics while increasing our own capabilities in accelerator science and technology to more effectively operate our domestic accelerators and to position the U.S. to be able to lead in the development of the next generation of high-energy colliders.

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