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Coherent electron cooling for LHC

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Vladimir Litvinenko
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Vladimir Litvinenko
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24 Apr 2008, 08:36
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24 Apr 2008, 08:36
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24 Apr 2008, 08:51
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Cooling intense high-energy hadron beams remains a major challenge for accelerator physics. Synchrotron radiation is too feeble, while efficiency of two other cooling methods falls rapidly either at high bunch intensities (i.e. stochastic cooling of protons) or at high energies (i.e. e-cooling). Possibility of coherent electron cooling using instabilities in electron beam was discussed by Derbenev since early 1980's .

The scheme presented in this talk -with cooling times under an hour for 7 TeV protons in LHC - is a first specific scheme with complete theoretical evaluation of its performance. The scheme is based present-day accelerator technology - a high-gain free-electron laser driven by an energy recovery linac. I will present some numerical examples for LHC (LHeC) and discuss a proof-of-principle experiment using R&D ERL at RHIC.

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held from 23 Apr 2008 to 25 Apr 2008 in Danfords, Port Jefferson, LI
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