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The Tevatron Tune Tracker PLL ---Theory, Implementation and Measurements

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Cheng-Yang Tan
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Cheng-Yang Tan
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14 Aug 2006, 07:43
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14 Aug 2006, 07:43
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14 Aug 2006, 07:43
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The Tevatron tune tracker is based on the idea that the transverse
phase response of the beam can be measured quickly and accurately enough
to allow us to track the betatron tune with a phase locked loop (PLL). The goal
of this paper is to show the progress of the PLL project at Fermilab. We will
divide this paper into three parts: theory, implementation and measurements. In
the theory section, we will use a simple linear model to show that our design will
track the betatron tune under conditions that occur in the Tevatron. In the implementation
section we will break down and examine each part of the PLL and
in some cases calculate the actual PLL parameters used in our system from beam
measurements. And nally in the measurements section we will show the results
of the PLL performance.
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