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Studies of Flat Bunches in the Tevatron for the LHC Luminosity Upgrades

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Chandrashekhara Bhat
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Chandrashekhara Bhat
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14 Jan 2010, 11:29
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14 Jan 2010, 15:32
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14 Jan 2010, 15:32
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14 Jan 2010, 11:29
It is highly critical to understand the longitudinal dynamics of flat bunches (flat bunches in longitudinal phase space)in a high energy storage ring. In this paper, we propose an experiment to study the longitudinal beam instability of flat bunches in the Tevatron produced using double and triple harmonic rf systems at 150 GeV. The rf systems used for this study will be 53MHz+106MHz or 53MHz+159MHz or 53MHz+106MHz+159MHz with appropriate rf voltages and properly set phases. The 106 MHz rf system will become available after the Fermilab collider program is over, while the 159MHz rf system is available anytime for installation in to the Tevatron lattice. The results of the proposed study may become one of the most important contributions to the LHC luminosity upgrade using Large Piwinski scheme by an order of magnitude beyond its design value of 10^34/cm^2/sec.
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