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These documents on Coil (subtopic of Magnets) and sub-topics are available:
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LARP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1181-v1 QXFA Coil Rev. B Miao Yu Coil
13 Sep 2017
1133-v2 QXFA101 Electric ID Carlo Santini Electrical QC
05 Sep 2017
1110-v4 Electrical QA for MQXF magnets Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Electrical QC
30 Jun 2017
1111-v4 Electrical QA for QXF coil fabrication Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Electrical QC
26 Jun 2017
1140-v2 QXFP03 Electric ID Carlo Santini Electrical QC
24 Mar 2017
1143-v1 Fabrication of First 4-m Coils for the LARP MQXFA Quadrupole and Assembly in Mirror Structure Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Mirror structure
17 Jan 2017
1142-v1 Field Quality and Fabrication Analysis of HQ02 Reconstructed Nb3Sn Coil Cross Sections Giorgio Ambrosio et al. CMM
Design & Analysis
17 Jan 2017
1138-v1 QXFP05 Electric ID Carlo Santini Electrical QC
22 Nov 2016
1134-v1 QXFA102 Electric ID Carlo Santini Electrical QC
26 Oct 2016
1126-v1 Report on HQ02 Magnet Coil Cross-Section Analysis Trey Holik Cable
Magnetic design
10 Aug 2016
1116-v1 Coil Shipment Memo Giorgio Ambrosio Coil
02 May 2016
1099-v2 Second-Generation Coil Design of the Nb3Sn low-beta Quadrupole for the High Luminosity LHC Susana Izquierdo Bermudez Coil
Magnetic design
01 Mar 2016
1098-v1 Protection heater design validation for the LARP magnets using thermal imaging Maxim Martchevskii Design & Analysis
23 Dec 2015
1094-v1 MQXF Insulation Measurements Eugenio Cavanna et al. Wind&Cure
05 Dec 2015
1089-v1 2nd Generation QXFP coil CAD model Miao Yu Coil
05 Nov 2015
1075-v1 Fabrication and Analysis 150 mm Aperture Nb3Sn MQXF Coils Giorgio Ambrosio et al. CMM
13 Oct 2015

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