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Xiaorong Wang of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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LARP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
1117-v4 MQXFS1 Fabrication Report Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Design & Analysis
22 Aug 2017
1128-v1 MQXFS1b Test Plan (obsolete - see notes and changes below) Guram Chlachidze et al. Test preparation
01 Jun 2017
1149-v1 MQXFS1c Test Plan Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Test preparation
04 May 2017
1143-v1 Fabrication of First 4-m Coils for the LARP MQXFA Quadrupole and Assembly in Mirror Structure Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Coil
Mirror structure
17 Jan 2017
1142-v1 Field Quality and Fabrication Analysis of HQ02 Reconstructed Nb3Sn Coil Cross Sections Giorgio Ambrosio et al. CMM
Design & Analysis
17 Jan 2017
1074-v5 MQXFS1 Design Report Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Design & Analysis
14 Apr 2016
1077-v1 Magnetic shim configuration for HQ03a magnet Joe Dimarco et al. Design & Analysis
Magnet R&D
Magnetic design
25 Jan 2016
1096-v1 Test Results of the LARP Nb3Sn Quadrupole HQ03a Giorgio Ambrosio et al. Test & Instrumentation
Test results
23 Dec 2015
1088-v1 Coordinate system for HQ magnet Joe Dimarco et al. Design & Analysis
Test & Instrumentation
Magnet R&D
05 Nov 2015
1083-v1 MQXFS01a warm magnetic measurement data Joe Dimarco et al. Test results
29 Oct 2015

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