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Cheng-Yang Tan of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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LARP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
836-v1 Chromaticity Tracking Cheng-Yang Tan Head-tail
tune tracker
14 Oct 2008
696-v1 Tune Measurement at the Tevatron Cheng-Yang Tan General
12 Feb 2008
672-v1 Quadrupole Transfer Function for Emittance Measurement Peter Cameron et al. Instrumentation
27 Oct 2007
671-v1 Using the Quadrupole Moment Frequency Response of Bunched Beam to Measure its Transverse Emittance Cheng-Yang Tan General
27 Oct 2007
555-v1 How to do Machine Studies at LHC@FNAL (Show and Tell) Cheng-Yang Tan General
23 May 2007
547-v1 Continuous transverse excitation for measureing chromaticity from the head-tail phase difference: an analytic approximation with experimental data Cheng-Yang Tan Head-tail
25 Apr 2007
475-v1 Continuous Headtail for Measuring Cheng-Yang Tan Head-tail
12 Mar 2007
359-v1 Non-causal Zero Phase FIR Filter With Examples Cheng-Yang Tan tune tracker
14 Aug 2006
358-v1 Preliminary Studies of a Chromaticity Tracker Cheng-Yang Tan tune tracker
14 Aug 2006
357-v1 The Tevatron Tune Tracker PLL ---Theory, Implementation and Measurements Cheng-Yang Tan tune tracker
14 Aug 2006
14 Aug 2006
354-v1 Automatic Gain Control and Kicker Feedback Analysis for the Tune Tracker Phase Locked Loop (PLL) Cheng-Yang Tan tune tracker
14 Aug 2006
198-v3 Head-Tail BBQ test results in Tevatron Vahid Ranjbar et al. Head-tail
24 May 2006
284-v1 Tune and Chromaticity Tracker Update Cheng-Yang Tan tune tracker
10 May 2006

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