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Vladimir Shiltsev of Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory is listed as an author on the most recent version of the following documents:
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LARP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
305-v1 New Initiative Feasibility Studies FY07 Vladimir Shiltsev TaskSheets
30 Jun 2006
797-v1 LHC elens task Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
04 Jun 2008
773-v2 Gaussian TEL gun progress Vsevolod Kamerdzhiev et al. Beam Physics
29 Apr 2008
741-v1 LHC e-lens task: status and plans Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
Accelerator Physics
23 Apr 2008
699-v2 Beam-beam compensation with electron lenses Yuri Alexahin et al. beam-beam
13 Feb 2008
648-v1 LHC Electron Lens Task Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
18 Oct 2007
545-v1 Axccelerator Systems: Meeting Summary Vladimir Shiltsev General
21 Apr 2007
510-v1 Electron Lenses for Head-On BBC in LHC: A proposal Wolfram Fischer et al. beam-beam
18 Apr 2007
494-v1 LARP Accelerator Systems: Progress Highlights and Goals of the Meeting Vladimir Shiltsev General
17 Apr 2007
483-v0 LARP Collaboration Meeting Vladimir Shiltsev General
11 Apr 2007
466-v1 Successful Beam-Beam Compensation withTEL Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
18 Jan 2007
463-v1 TEL and BBC plans Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
17 Jan 2007
457-v1 ELectron Lenses for LHC Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
28 Dec 2006
443-v3 CPT theorem and LHC Luminosity Outlook Jean-Pierre Koutchouk et al. IRUpgrades
21 Nov 2006
445-v1 CERN US Meeting Nov 13 Vladimir Shiltsev General
beam commissioning
21 Nov 2006
442-v1 News from RHIC APEX mtg Nov 2. 2006 Vladimir Shiltsev General
08 Nov 2006
385-v1 LARP Accelerator Systems: Status and Charge Vladimir Shiltsev General
25 Oct 2006
380-v1 LHC Electron Lenses Vladimir Shiltsev IRUpgrades
17 Oct 2006
375-v1 Instabilities in LER LHC injector Vladimir Shiltsev General
09 Oct 2006
337-v1 Accelerator Systems -- Response to Questions Wolfram Fischer et al. beam-beam
Accelerator Physics
longitudinal dynamics
Accelerator Systems
14 Jun 2006
330-v1 Accelerator Systems: Review Vladimir Shiltsev General
Accelerator Systems
13 Jun 2006
315-v1 Accelerator Systems Overview Vladimir Shiltsev Accelerator Physics
08 Jun 2006
302-v1 Synchrotron light diagnostics Task Sheet FY07 Vladimir Shiltsev TaskSheets
31 May 2006
300-v1 Electron Lens Task Sheet FY07 Vladimir Shiltsev TaskSheets
31 May 2006
298-v1 AC Dipole Task Sheet FY07 Vladimir Shiltsev TaskSheets
31 May 2006
297-v2 Crystal pre-collimation TASK Sheet FY07 Vladimir Shiltsev TaskSheets
31 May 2006
293-v1 LARPAC Highlights and beam-beam news Vladimir Shiltsev General
23 May 2006
289-v1 LARPAC Accelerator Systems Synthesis Vladimir Shiltsev Accelerator Systems
11 May 2006
288-v1 LARP Accelerator Systems and Beam Commisioning Efforst at Fermilab Vladimir Shiltsev beam commissioning
Accelerator Systems
11 May 2006
274-v1 Impact of Beam Screen Vibrations on field quality and Emittance Growth Luca Bottura et al. Accelerator Physics
02 May 2006
175-v3 LARP Accelerator Systems Progress Report Vladimir Shiltsev General
Accelerator Systems
26 Apr 2006
172-v2 Electron Lenses for Beam-Beam Compensation at LHC Vladimir Shiltsev General
25 Apr 2006
174-v1 Field Fluctuations in LHC magnets Vladimir Shiltsev General
25 Apr 2006
149-v1 Report of dB/B measurements in LHC magnets Luca Bottura et al. General
07 Feb 2006
98-v1 ELectron Lenses in Tevatron, RHIC and LHC Vladimir Shiltsev beam-beam
14 Nov 2005
97-v1 On ZDC performance in RHIC and postential use in LHC Vladimir Shiltsev Luminosity monitor
14 Nov 2005
10-v1 Field Fluctuations Measurements - Proposal Vladimir Shiltsev beam commissioning
07 Oct 2005
9-v1 Intro to LARP Accel Physics Session: Status and Expectations Vladimir Shiltsev beam commissioning
07 Oct 2005
6-v1 LARp Accelerator Systems R&D plan Vladimir Shiltsev Luminosity monitor
04 Oct 2005
5-v1 CERN-US Meeting - Accel Systems Notes Vladimir Shiltsev beam commissioning
04 Oct 2005

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