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Wolfram Fischer of Brookhaven National Laboratory is listed as an author on the following documents:
(List events moderated by Wolfram Fischer)

LARP-doc-# Title Author(s) Topic(s) Last Updated
977-v3 Electron Lens and Electron Cloud Wolfram Fischer beam-beam
13 Jul 2009
945-v1 5-year Plan for Beam-Beam Compensation Wolfram Fischer et al. Collaboration
09 Apr 2009
907-v1 Summary of Mini-Workshop on Electron Lens Simulations Wolfram Fischer et al. beam-beam
05 Feb 2009
890-v1 Code Benchmarking Wolfram Fischer beam-beam
03 Dec 2008
889-v1 Expected beam-beam effects in LHC Wolfram Fischer et al. beam-beam
03 Dec 2008
891-v2 Conclusions for e-lens simulations for eRHIC Christoph Montag beam-beam
03 Dec 2008
871-v1 Accelerator Physics Wolfram Fischer Beam Physics
28 Oct 2008
801-v3 Accelerator Physics Wolfram Fischer Beam Physics
19 Jun 2008
659-v2 CM9 AP Summary Wolfram Fischer Beam Physics
18 Oct 2007
621-v4 BBLR Status and Plans Wolfram Fischer beam-beam
17 Oct 2007
510-v1 Electron Lenses for Head-On BBC in LHC: A proposal Wolfram Fischer et al. beam-beam
18 Apr 2007
337-v1 Accelerator Systems -- Response to Questions Wolfram Fischer et al. General
Accelerator Systems
Accelerator Physics
longitudinal dynamics
14 Jun 2006
318-v1 Accelerator Physics Wolfram Fischer General
Accelerator Physics
13 Jun 2006
189-v1 HERA proton beam collimator damage Wolfram Fischer Collimation
24 May 2006
200-v1 RHIC BBLR design and new LR measurements Wolfram Fischer beam-beam
Accelerator Physics
24 May 2006
222-v3 Accelerator Physics Wolfram Fischer General
Accelerator Physics
24 May 2006
103-v2 U.S.-LARP Progress on LHC IR Upgrades Wolfram Fischer et al. Accelerator Systems
Magnet R&D
06 Jan 2006
96-v1 The U.S. LHC Accelerator Research Program: A Proposal Peter Cameron et al. Program Management
09 Nov 2005
18-v1 Long-range beam-beam interactions in RHIC Wolfram Fischer IRUpgrades
31 Oct 2005

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